Meet the Future of Consumer Brands 

Excite Foundry is a next-gen consumer products company using a data-driven tech-first approach to acquire, operate and scale consumer brands of the future. 

Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are data-driven experts in Marketplaces and Technology and understand the dynamics of the Amazon ecosystem.


We've been in your shoes and have generated over $50M in revenue on Amazon and scaled up businesses to over $250M in GMV till date, and managed over $60M in Adspend on Social Media creating our proprietary algorithmic media buying platform. 

Backed by institutional investors, we can close deals quickly. 

Average deal closing time: 21 days. 

The simplest and most efficient way to sell your Amazon business.


Selling your consumer brand is as Simple as 1234



0-3 Days
We will let you know if your business is a potential fit for us. 


2-3 Weeks
We will carry out the Due Diligence & Legal procedures.


1-2 Weeks
Transfer the Business and Get Paid!